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Allegations, Incidents, Crime, Civil Cases, legal developments and law reports relating to the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Gry 49 Has not seen her kids in over a year

NORWAY: Gry (49) thrown out by Jehovah’s Witnesses – has not seen her kids...

Mother of two Gry Helen Mollan Nygård has been a part of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ski throughout her adult life. After she told the...
SPAIN: Jehovah's Witnesses sue their 'dissidents' after creating a Victims Association

SPAIN: Jehovah’s Witnesses sue their ‘dissidents’ after creating a Victims Association

The religious organization requests in its demand the "extinction" of the new entity, that was created to uncover cases of sexually abused minors within...
Switzerland Extreme Criticism Justified

SWITZERLAND: Severe Criticism of Jehovah’s Witnesses is Justified, Court Confirms

In July 2019, the District Court of Zurich acquitted a cult expert and former infoSekta employee on all charges of libel brought by the Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses...
Expelled from Jehovah's Witnesses, gone to court to get back in

NORWAY: Gry Nygård won in the Court of Appeal against Jehovah’s Witnesses

When Gry Nygård was expelled from Jehovah's Witnesses, she lost all family and friends. After three years, she is now one step closer to...
Jehovah's Witnesses convicted of Shunning Policy

BELGIUM: Jehovah’s Witnesses Convicted of “Shunning Policy”

The non-profit organization behind the Jehovah's Witnesses has been convicted of inciting discrimination and hatred or violence against former members who chose to leave...
Jehovah's Witnesses right to vote

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Right to Vote Prohibited

Jehovah’s Witnesses deny their members the right to vote in democratic election. The leaders demand that all Jehovah's Witnesses remain neutral. Members who exercise...
Jehovah's Witnesses respond to Ghent Ruling

BELGIUM: Jehovah’s Witnesses respond to Ghent Ruling

On March 16, the Court of First Instance in Ghent ruled against the "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" in Belgium with regard to the...
Gajus Glockentin Do Not Lie

Gajus Glockentin: Do Not Lie!

This is an open letter to Gajus Glockentin. It is in direct response to his Morning Worship talk entitled, “Protect Yourself From Lies” that...
SPAIN: Spanish Supreme Court rules religions cannot keep all personal data of former members

SPAIN: Supreme Court says religions cannot keep all personal data of members who leave

Before a request for total deletion of data, a proportional judgment must be made against the right of conservation.Article previously published in Spanish on...

Religious Fanaticism vs Confidentiality – Part 1

Trinidad and Tobago - Industrial Court upholds a bank’s decision to dismiss a JW elder for confidentiality breachesIn September 2017, the Industrial Court of...

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