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World News from around the globe relating to the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses including human rights, child abuse, blood and shunning.

Norway moves closer to defunding Watchtower

Anette Trettebergstuen (Labor Party) took a hard line against Jehovah's Witnesses in opposition. In government, the pipe has been given a different sound.

Ex-Witnesses open attack on ‘traumatic’ exclusion policy

After a successful lawsuit in Belgium, a group of Dutch Jehovah's Witnesses is now also fighting the 'discriminatory' exclusion policy. "It's a social death sentence."Originally...

What it’s like to be seen as a ‘child of Satan’

Jim Winter lost everything and developed sleeping problems, the corona time became even lonelier for Gerda Gorter: what the 'inhuman' exclusion policy does to...

IICSA Report – September 2021

Jehovah’s Witnesses are Abhorrently beyond Disgusting and PervertedOn September 3rd 2021, the The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) released its September 2021...
Personal Data of Jehovah's Witnesses

Personal Data Storage of Jehovah’s Witnesses Questioned

In four separate letters, each affecting a particular individual, the Data Protection Authority require that the Jehovah's Witnesses in Norway reveal what personal data...
Expelled from Jehovah's Witnesses, gone to court to get back in

NORWAY: Gry Nygård won in the Court of Appeal against Jehovah’s Witnesses

When Gry Nygård was expelled from Jehovah's Witnesses, she lost all family and friends. After three years, she is now one step closer to...
martyrs - discussion with Jan frode nilsen

NORWAY: Encouraging young people to become martyrs

A child who died after refusing blood transfusions is highlighted as a role model for Jehovah's Witnesses. "It is incomprehensible that they receive state...
SPAIN: Jehovah's Witnesses sue their 'dissidents' after creating a Victims Association

SPAIN: Jehovah’s Witnesses sue their ‘dissidents’ after creating a Victims Association

The religious organization requests in its demand the "extinction" of the new entity, that was created to uncover cases of sexually abused minors within...
Expelled from Jehovah's Witnesses, gone to court to get back in

NORWAY: Expelled from Jehovah’s Witnesses for Sexual Immorality – Going to court to get...

A former member of Jehovah's Witnesses says she has been sexually abused. Jehovah's Witnesses say she was guilty of gross sexual immorality. Today, the...
Gry 49 Has not seen her kids in over a year

NORWAY: Gry (49) thrown out by Jehovah’s Witnesses – has not seen her kids...

Mother of two Gry Helen Mollan Nygård has been a part of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ski throughout her adult life. After she told the...

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