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Crimes Committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses

Crimes Committed by Jehovah's Witnesses

The AAWA Map Project is a database of crimes committed by members of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The goal is do away with the false notion promoted by the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They promote the deceptive view that they live in a “safe haven” or “spiritual paradise”. They like to think of their religion as being free from crime, domestic violence, and the physical and sexual abuse of children. What we see instead is that the data clearly shows that crimes are at least as common within the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses as it is within the rest of society.

This map is not a complete representation of all crimes committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses are wonderful people who have never committed any crime. Hoever, few Jehovah’s Witnesses have any idea of the danger that lurks within the congregations. This is extremely troubling considering that many children of Jehovah’s Witnesses may have frequent interactions with convicted pedophiles and be completely unaware.

Sources for the crimes are cited in the details. We have tried our best to make sure all links are active at the time of posting. Please let us know if some links are no longer active. Simply contact us using the email address below. Frequently further information about the person in question can be found with a quick Google search.

WARNING: The information provided on the map is for information purposes. It is not our desire to create vigilante groups used to harass criminals who have served their time and are now living in the community. Please know that anyone who does use this information in this manner could be prosecuted.


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AAWA Map showing crimes committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide

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Jason Wynne is a husband to one wife, father to two children, and writes extensively on the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses having been baptized as a member in 1995.

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