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Where is the Love?


I’m a Brazilian 25-years-old man. I have spent 8 years of my life in this sect named Jehovah’s Witnesses, an International Association of Brothers, managed by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Presently, it’s headquarters is moving from Brooklyn, New York to Walkill, New York.

I had became a regular pioneer, reaching up to 80 hours per month in door-to-door preaching and placement of religious literature. I had almost become a ministerial servant. A ministerial servant is a level just below elder. For a  young brother like me, having a goal of becoming a ministerial servant is something quite desired in the congregations around the world.

In the beginning, I used to love my new “faith”, my new God and my new “family”.

However, as time has gone by and looking carefully through the lens which cover the real Jehovah’s Witnesses’ sight, I came to realise that I was becoming trapped. On the reality, Jehovah’s Witnesses are sad, lonely, bitter and thwarted people. They are persons who didn’t make their dreams come true nor had they reached their goals in life. Most of them, far away from their lost youth, regret the time spent preaching, advising about an imminent Armageddon which never came. They have come to be an intruding sort of people, putting their own noses in other’s business, making their own lives, and the other’s lives, a hell on Earth. Yes, I knew elders and former elders whom confided in me and regretted these things. Also, elderly Jehovah’s Witness members used to say: “I’d love to have made things in a different way, with a different mood”. Unfortunately, in most of these cases, it’s become too late to make amends.


What made me move away from them was firstly watching and observing how they proudly would say that only they have LOVE throughout the world. But LOVE is something that simply doesn’t exist in their environment. All Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to have it but not a single one of them can really demonstrate true love to anyone. They are conditioned to love only people whom agree with them, whom agree with their pernicious doctrines, whom support their hideous disfellowshipping practice. Yet, besides them, everyone else, no matter how good he or she may be, will be gruesomely murdered by God in some mythical Armageddon. I cannot support or stand for these types of thoughts and preachings. Even inside their world, love continues to be non-existent: most of the Jehovah’s Witnesses I met in my life were/are treacherous, vicious, liars, envious, grudging and ill-disposed people. You can get sick living with them for too long.

Henceforth, I began to make some research using the Internet and what I discovered strongly shocked me:

They switch between doctrines, turning on, turning off doctrines like some sort of light switch.

They have an enormous roster of failed dates for Armageddon (1914,1918,1925,1942,1975, end of the 20th century).

Their practice of disfellowshipping/shunning as a burning file – as we can see in the cases of Raymond Franz and Carl Olof Jonsson

They have a disgusting environment/culture which has developed in the Bethel’s around the world

Then there is the Governing Body whom enjoy a lot in life at Bethel “doing Jehovah’s will forever”

Their association with the UN for years as a NGO while AT THE SAME TIME the Governing Body taught us that the UN is the “red beast” of Revelation 17:1-11

The double standards when dealing with two cases of “christian integrity”: one in Mexico and the other in Malawi.

And other absurd things like that.

I, myself, have felt the iced-cutting blade of the “love” of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Therefore, I decided to abandon them. This I did at the end of 2013, through a dis-association letter.

Now that I’m free, I use my time to combat this destructive sect and help others to survive after this traumatic experience.

– Robert Orwell (Originally posted on Facebook Dec 29 2014).


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The intent for publishing this content on AvoidJW.org is to highlight to the public the adverse effect JW.org (Watchtower) doctrine has on humanity.

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Lester Somrah writes about the beliefs and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses on his social media platforms and was baptized as a member in 1998.

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