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Spanish Branch Signs Endesa Electricity Contract

Spanish Branch Signs Endesa Electricity Contract

Endesa Energia S.A.U. is the largest electricity supplier in Spain and the second largest operator in Portugal. It is a subsidiary of Enel Group. It has more than 10,000 employees serving more than 11 million customers.

According to a strictly confidential letter recently leaked, the Spanish Branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses, based in Madrid, has signed a global contract with Spanish energy provider, ENDESA ENERGÍA, S.A.U. to supply power to all of their kingdom halls and assembly halls.

The purpose of transferring all of their power needs to one single power supplier is to avail of “very competitive rates”.

For all congregations and assembly halls that already have power supply contracts with Endesa in the name of Testigos Cristianos de Jehová, their rates will be reduced automatically. For congregations with alternative names, or for congregations who receive power from other companies, they are “encouraged to follow the published instructions” on jw.org to change their name  to Testigos Cristianos de Jehová and/or their supplier to Endesa.


Considering that the branch is requesting that all congregations change their name to Testigos Cristianos de Jehová, we would like to remind you of an article we previously wrote, entitled Legally Establishing Watchtower Assets. You can be sure that the bodies of elders in Spain will “follow the published instructions” with enthusiasm. And why wouldn’t they? They trust that the Branch has their best interests at heart. – Psalm 146:3, Isaiah 2:22

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